VHS: ImproTheater English/ German

24. Juni 2020

Welcome to the world of improvised theater! Here you can get a first taste of improv and experience how much fun it is to be playfully creative with others!

In this beginners‘ course you will be learning the basics of longform improv theatre. You will practice to play pretend while merging your imagination with your partners’ and creating something entirely unpredicted. Mistakes are celebrated, a community is formed and each other’s creativity gets supported. Here you will develop techniques as well as a feeling for the art of improvising. 

Discover the potential of every single moment! Experience the creative power of the little word “yes”!

This class will be held primarily in English, you don’t have to be a native speaker to participate.

Beginn: 22.09.2020 | Ort: LURUM, Flurstraße 15, 22549 Hamburg | Uhrzeit: 19:15-21:30 Uhr

Kurs-Nr.: K2 0926 WWO 02

Termine: 6 | UE (gesamt): 18

Teilnehmerzahl: min. 5 Personen, max. 10 Personen

Kursleitung: Maryam Azadi

Kursgebühr: 54 €

Hamburger Volkshochschule
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